MOR Tom and Ron Moore

Ron Moore and Tom Monahan

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—September 13, 2019—MOR Time-Saving Equipment, acquired by Centrum Force® in 2012, is celebrating its 70th year of uninterrupted production of quality equipment made in America. The company’s legacy began in 1949 when Arthur Moore built his first customer-ordered automated rug washer. Today, MOR Time-Saving Equipment continues to produce automated machinery for rug-cleaning plants with Tom Monahan, co-founder of Centrum Force, as owner.

The company’s acquisition came about because many of Centrum Force’s customers were MOR in-plant operators that continued to need supplies and maintenance on their equipment. It was an opportunity to increase Centrum Force’s market share and keep a storied company’s legacy from disappearing. Ron Moore, Arthur’s son, was particular about to whom he would trust his clients, and ultimately he chose to sell to Centrum Force. Why? Ron actually said, “There have been many offers to buy my company over the years, but I will only sell to you. I have come to know you and trust you.”

MOR mapMOR Time-Saving Equipment has had a tremendous impact on the rug washing industry around the world. By 1965, their advertisement in the NIRC Voice depicted 214 plant set-ups in the U.S., five in both Canada and Europe, and one in South America. They would go on to sell and install plants in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, reaching 400 plants by the next decade. MOR Time Saving Equipment became known worldwide for quality, in-plant rug washing equipment.

Under Centrum Force, the company has innovated on their products to produce updated versions of the most popular MOR machines, and their reputation for quality continues. For more information, visit