COLUMBUS, OH — At a recent carpet cleaning and restoration expo, Rick “the encap man” Gelinas took a little time out to discuss encapsulation options in a video with Cleanfax Executive Editor Jeff Cross.

While many cleaners take a single approach to encapsulation cleaning, Gelinas says there are several options when it comes to the encap method.

“Normally we’ll think about using a planetary machine or even a rotary machine, a cylindrical brush machine or an orbital machine — there’s various ways to go about cleaning — and they’re all great. But one of the things to think about, for example if we’re going to use a planetary machine or rotary machine, we’ll use a scrub-type pad, but if we use a bonnet… where we’ve got the scrub strips in it… we’re able to produce [dramatic] results.”

In the video, Gelinas shows various image reflecting these types of results achieved with scrub stirp-type bonnets.

Gelinas also discusses how this method actually offers two types of cleaning — absorption and encapsulation.

“We’re extracting soil… but we’re also leaving the carpet in a condition that’s going to continue to resist soil,” Gelinas says before performing a mini demonstration.

View the video here!

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