This information has been presented to Cleanfax by Jon Isaacson, host of The DYOJO Podcast.

In its third year, the participants of The DYOJO Podcast annual SOCKTember NEW sock-raising challenge shared a goal of 100,000 pairs of socks. These socks are raised by teams of contractors, industry partners, and community members who then donate them to local charitable organizations.

  • In 2020, the first year of SOCKTember, five teams in Washington State raised over 5,500 pairs of socks and donated them to local charities.

  • In 2021, the second year of SOCKTember, 39 teams in 2 countries raised over 66,000 pairs of socks and donated them to local charities.

For those who have been following this event, there were three big questions. Question one, were we able to raise over 100,000 pairs of NEW socks? Unfortunately, we fell short of that goal. BUT we raised over 50,000 pairs of NEW socks and are looking forward to YOU helping us exceed our goal next year.

The second and third questions are intertwined, would the Sisters for Socks three-peat or would they be dethroned by another competitor? This year, the Sisters for Socks, led by Allstars Lindsey Ward (Reliable Contents Services) and Sarah Roberts (ServiceMaster of Tacoma), came in sixth place. The TOP FIVE sock-raising teams for SOCKTember 2022 were:

The winning team this year joined the competition in 2021 and raised a total of 36 pairs of NEW socks. This year, their team returned to the competition with their eyes on the prize and were able to raise a current record of 11,160 pairs of NEW socks. The team behind the Laval office of On Side Restoration are the 2022 SOCKTember Champions! Their record-breaking efforts bring the total quantity of NEW socks raised and donated to local charitable organizations throughout the United States and Canada to 57,791.

Next year we would like to expand this event to at least one additional country – Europe and/or Australia, are you reading this? We would like to have competitions at the international, regional, state-by-state, and team-by-team levels. Get ready to compete in the fourth annual SOCKTember event which will kick off in September of 2023!

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