ISSA Media Editorial Director Jeff Cross visited the International Ozone booth at The Experience Trade Show last month to talk with Jonathan McCubbin about deodorizing technologies. International Ozone manufactures both Titan Hydroxyl Generators and Total Zone Ozone Generators. McCubbin explains that “Both [pieces of] equipment are used to remove odors and purify the air,” taking away odors like smoke, mold, mildew, and even severe odors related to trauma or crime scene cleanup.

The difference between ozone and hydroxyl deodorizing technologies is the occupancy and efficiency of each. Ozone generators are more efficient but are unsafe for occupied areas. Hydroxyl generators, on the other hand, take more time but “are 100 percent safe for use in occupied areas. They’re actually approved by the FDA as safe for use in neonatal wards, so this equipment is used while guys are working or while the homeowner is in the house to remove odors and purify the air,” McCubbin says.

A restoration company may find itself in need of both types of deodorizing technologies in order to meet the demands of different jobs. See the full video, “Comparing Deodorizing Technologies,” above.

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International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc. is an American-based company that develops and manufactures deodorization technologies to improve indoor air quality and aid in disaster restoration efforts. For more information, visit