DENVER — The Robert Mann Rugs brand-new location wasn’t quite at peak occupation capacity, but amassing 100 veteran rug washing experts in one location was impressive.

And while Rug Summit 12, held October 17-18, consumed two full days of education and networking, it was business as usual throughout the rug plant, with some of the presentations augmented by the clamoring of toiling equipment in nearby work areas.

“All of the attendees have proven many times over that they can wash rugs, and do it well,” said Tom Monahan, one of the event organizers. “But you should always ask yourself, ‘Is my business sustainable?’ The business structure and leadership is as important as technical skill to succeed.”

With that in mind, most of the conference concentrated on the business component of running a rug plant. The complete list of presentations and topics can be found at this link and by choosing the “Agenda” tab.

“The business strategy part of this Rug Summit was a shot in the arm,” Monahan related. “When everyone goes back home, and apply what they learned, they will see their businesses improve across the board.”

The Rug Summit series is produced by Centrum Force. This was the 12th annual conference.

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