CHICAGO — Consolidated Chemical Works, the creator of portion-controlled concentrated chemicals, has changed its name to CCW Concentrates, according to a press release.

CCW, which provides services, solutions and portion-controlled, highly concentrated cleaning products to building service contractors, schools, universities, retail locations and commercial segments, among others, was established in 1932.

For over 50 years, CCW has been the exclusive formulator of portion controlled concentrates for one of the premier brands in the cleaning industry.

“I’m honored to be able to carry out the vision that was started by my father Syd Weisberg back in 1964,” CCW Concentrates President Warren Weisberg said in the release. “It was a simple concept to develop concentrated, smarter cleaners that are safe, effective and efficient — eliminating waste wherever possible. We look forward to meeting the needs of our customers for the next 50 years.”