NORTHBROOK, IL — ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) will offering its fall Train the Trainer program for building service contractors and in-house service providers so they can go home armed with techniques that will help them be better trainers, supervisors, and managers. Two upcoming events are slated for November 28-30 in Denver, Colorado, and January 16-18 in Las Vegas.

Train the Trainer is structured to help train and certify cleaning professionals so they can successfully implement training for their operation. It is a great way to begin effective and high-quality training.

Each day of fall Train the Trainer will include in-depth discussions and group activities featuring one of CMI’s Master Trainers.

Denver, CO, November 28-30

Las Vegas, NV, January 16-18

For more information, visit or contact CMI at 800-225-4772 or

CMI is a professional society focused on certification, training, education, and career improvement for professionals within the commercial cleaning/facility maintenance industry.