NORTHBROOK, IL — May 31, 2019 — The Cleanfax May/June 2019 digital issue is available online. Check it out now! Don’t miss all that the digital issue has to offer including a look at responsible carpet care, tips for creating effective landing pages, and best practices for handling calls.

The Cleanfax May/June 2019 digital issue includes the following for you to explore:

Responsible Carpet Care: A look at advancements in sustainable cleaning and areas to add cost-saving responsible methods.

The Power of Landing Pages: It’s easier than you think you create an effective, inexpensive, specific landing page on your website and boost your market presence.

Build Your Team—or Don’t?: An owner’s role changes as a business grows. Here’s how to decide if growing beyond a small operation is the right path for you.

Staying Thirsty: Heed the advice of the ‘most interesting man in the world’ to grow personally—while still growing professionally.

The PPE Inventory List: If you’re having trouble with disappearing personal protective equipment, use this form to hold your employees accountable.

Top 5 Call-Handling Best Practices: Make the most of every restoration call with this guide developed from hundreds of hours of recorded call data.

Get the Lead Out: Needed information on EPA certification requirements for restoration and remediation contractors.

Restoration’s Wave of Change: The May/June foreword from Managing Editor Amanda Hosey looks at needed changes in the restoration industry that may be on the horizon.

Cleanfax also offered the Truckmount Profiles in May/June to take a look at some of the hottest truckmount options available in both the restoration and carpet cleaning markets.

Also take a look at this month’s new product releases on our Products and Services page.

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