NORTHBROOK, Ill.—July 2, 2020—The Cleanfax July 2020 digital issue is available online. Check it out now! Don’t miss all that the digital issue has to offer including a look at environmental testing, mobile text message marketing, tips for stone and tile floors, and the results of our annual restoration benchmarking survey.

The Cleanfax July 2020 digital issue includes the following for you to explore:

2020 Restoration Benchmarking Survey Report: The data and statistics from this year’s participants are in, tabulated, and ready for you to explore.

The Color Meter App Dilemma: These apps offer an affordable technology to aid spot dyeing, but choosing a quality app requires an understanding of color theory.

Environmental Testing in Restoration and Remediation Projects: Recognizing the correct uses and shortcomings of testing is key to unbiased project decisions.

The Potential Principle: Why Don’t We Implement?: It’s one thing to know what you need  to do and another to do it. Discover why so many struggle to take the actions that lead to success.

The Power of Mobile Text Message Marketing: How cleaning and restoration companies can connect with customers to drive engagement and increase sales.

Advice on Tile and Stone Floors: What cleaners should know about the cleaning, maintenance, and specific challenges of these hard floors.

Survey Says: The July foreword from Managing Editor Amanda Hosey looks at the results of our restoration benchmarking survey and what it says about the state of the industry.

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