The Carpet & Fabric Institute (CFI) held its 2017 Regional Education Day at the end of April in Anaheim, California, showcasing educational sessions from well-known leaders in the industry including Lisa Wagner and Mark Kennedy, according to a release. The event was hosted by the Academy of Textiles & Flooring.

A number of presentations key to the industry were given during the Carpet & Fabric Institute event including:

  • Lisa Wagner and Mark Kennedy’s “Re-Investment in the Loop” discussion, complete with diagram, which explained the need a company’s marketing efforts need to be non-stop and regular in order to see growth in the business. Additional marketing tips included teaching how to use different messages to bring in higher end clients.
  • Nate Steward offered a lesson in California OSHA Health and Safety including how to take preventative steps to protect companies’ and clients’ health. The presentation also included information on how green cleaning should be used and marked in today’s cleaning market.
  • Cody Thomas and Cole Pasiuta gave attendees information on adding a simple service with a law investment and high profit margins in their “Money Making” presentation.

“With these types of events, CFI is doing its best to contribute to our industry by planning events through which all attendees benefit, along with, helping everyone involved in our industry become better informed,” Southern California CFI Chapter Director Benjamin Camacho said in the release.

More educational sessions from CFI will be released as the year progresses. Stay connected with the Carpet & Fabric Institute at