PR-butler_july_360x235The Butler Corporation

LUDLOW, MA — The Butler Corporation has announced that it now offers its “The Butler Extended 10-Year Warranty” on all new Butler Systems, according to the company.

The 10-year warranty, which is provided at no extra cost, has no limitations on machine hours.

All major components are covered under the 10-year warranty, including the shaft-drive system, high-pressure pump, detergent-injection system, vacuum/blower, heat exchanger, fresh water holding tank, recover tank, vacuum hose reel, pressure hose reel, holders, racks, trays and shelves, among other things.

The warranty is available on all new Butler Systems regardless of the vehicle in which the unit is installed or the options chosen.

“Our Commitment to quality is emphasized with ‘The Butler Extended 10-Year Warranty,” the company said.

Interested parties can visit the company's website here or call 800-535-5025.