LAVAL, QC, Canada — Cleaning solution manufacturer Avmor Floorcare recently received certification under the UL 410 Standard for Slip Resistance of Floor Surface Materials for five of its floorcare products, which verifies the products reduce slip and fall incidents, according to a press release.

“With more than 40,000 workers injured annually due to falls in Canada – and nearly 20,000 people dying each year in the U.S. due to falls – floorcare manufacturers must do what they can to help reduce these staggering numbers,” Avmor Marketing Manager Lai-Na Wong said in the release. “These new certifications show Avmor is helping accomplish this.”

The five Avmor floorcare products recently certified are the EP80 concentrated floor sealer/finish; the EP82 ultra-high speed, high-gloss floor finish; the PREMIERE high-gloss finish multiple traffic levels;  the DISTANCE ultra-high speed finish for large areas; and the LUX UHS “wet look” finish for high traffic floors.

“The UL 410 certifications given to these five Avmor products further prove the company’s dedication to floor safety throughout its newly expanded sales area of North America,” the company said in the release. “The UL 410 Standard for Slip Resistance of Floor Surface Materials is designed to help purchasers select products that have been third-party tested to help promote walker safety.”

Avmor, which is nearing 50 years as a cleaning solution manufacturer, markets its products throughout North America.