MIDDLETON, Wis.—August 16, 2020—American Risk Management Resources Network (ARMR), an environmental insurance brokerage firm, recently developed a Biohazard Risk Management Superstore to provide a one-stop shop for cleaning and restoration contractors performing COVID-19 and other biohazard mitigation work. What we know about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 is constantly changing, but the Biohazard Risk Management Superstore provides up-to-date resources on contracts, legal issues, and insurance products to address the pandemic. Best of all, these resources are FREE to all!

The Biohazard Superstore was created to provide researched and accredited advice on everything a cleaning and restoration contractor needs to manage this new risk into one place. Through the Superstore, cleaning and restoration contractors have access to specialized insurance for biohazard related work, as well as the resources necessary to procure that insurance. The Superstore also provides business owners with assistance in preparing the needed contracts during this pandemic and advice on potential legal issues. Finally, the Superstore includes a library of relevant articles, webinars, and videos covering COVID-19 research and risk management, as well as links to free training resources for COVID-19 work.

For more information about American Risk Management Resources Network, visit www.armr.net.