Omaha, NE — According to a press release, CleanCore Technologies LLC, a leading manufacturer of aqueous ozone cleaning systems, has announced that the solution generated from its two key products, the CleanCore CCT-Caddy and the CleanCore CCT 3.0 Fill Station, have been certified by Green Seal, one of the most respected green certification organizations in the country.

The solution generated by these products was certified to Green Seal’s standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use (GS-37), one of the most stringent environmental product certifications available. This standard identifies reduced life-cycle impacts of cleaning products.

The CCT Caddy is a touch free mobile cleaning unit that generates an aqueous ozone cleaning solution. It allows for on-demand cleaning and is frequently used for restroom cleaning and carpet extracting

The Fill Station is wall mounted and connected to a water source. It also generates an aqueous ozone cleaning solution that can then be used to fill other cleaning equipment such as autoscrubbers or carpet extractors. It may be used in a spray bottle as well.

According to Michael Draper, CEO of CleanCore, not only is this significant for his company, “but it is significant for the [aqueous ozone] industry.”

Draper adds that this technology helps promote sustainability because it turns plain tap water into an effective cleaning solution. There are no boxes, packaging or fuel needed to transport chemicals, and there are minimal greenhouse gas emissions. These features help reduce the carbon footprint of the systems.

“Today, many organizations rely on Green Seal certification to ensure that the products they purchase are safer and more sustainable,” says Draper. “We are pleased to be part of the Green Seal family.”

Dr. Arthur Weissman, president and CEO of Green Seal adds: “CleanCore demonstrates their commitment to environmental leadership with this device-generated product that is effective and also promotes sustainability within the cleaning industry.”