CHICAGO — While April has come and gone, the April 2017 Cleanfax issue — our first of the new year — is still online and available for your perusal at any time of the day or night.

In the April 2017 Cleanfax magazine, you’ll find all the great management, technical and marketing tips geared specifically toward carpet cleaning and restoration professionals that you’ve come to expect from our landmark publication.

A range of topics from April 2017 Cleanfax issue include:

  • The On-time Arrival Guarantee” by Steve Marsh | Attract higher-quality customers with a promise you likely already deliver on.
  • The Operations System” by Howard Partridge | How you treat your customers is key to setting your company apart from the competition.
  • Reducing Stress and Raising Profits” by Tryna Giordano Cooper | Exploring stress’s affect on your body and how some small steps can improve life and work all around.
  • The Future of Restoration” by Brandon Burton | A look at the changes to the industry and how to keep up.
  • Freedom and Liberty” by Chuck Violand | Both have a huge impact on the success of your cleaning and restoration company and its future growth.
  • Water Quality and Cleaning Success” by Tom Forsythe and Michael Adams | Understanding rinse agents and how to ensure you get the most from yours.

To read the Foreword to the April 2017 Cleanfax by Executive Editor Jeff Cross in which he discusses Cleanfax’s hiatus and new ownership, click HERE.

For the full DIGITAL magazine, click HERE.