WASHINGTON, DC – The American Cleaning Institute is now warning against the misleading results of research reported earlier this year regarding antibacterial ingredients, according to a press release.

The research, presented at the American Chemical Society national meeting, reported that trace elements of triclosan and triclocarban, antibacterial ingredients, were detected in the urine of pregnant women and umbilical cord blood samples.

However, the ACI points out that the margin of safety between these reported levels and unsafe levels is substantial.

Earlier comments submitted by the ACI to the Food and Drug Administration pointed out that “triclosan and products containing it are regulated by a number of governmental bodies around the world and have a long track record of human and environmental safety which is supported by a multitude of science-based, transparent risk analyses.”

“The weight of evidence supports the conclusion that these ingredients are not causing adverse effects on the endocrine system,” saidDr. Paul DeLeo, ACI Associate Vice President of Environmental Safety.“The continued ‘suggestions’ that the presence of these substances are leading to health risks are not borne out by the data and years of safe use by consumers.”

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