2022 was an exciting year of firsts for ISSA and the cleaning industry with the launch of the Rethink What Clean Means campaign. Developed to ignite consumers and businesses to reevaluate their standard of clean, ISSA launched this campaign in September with a consumer focus featuring comedian, actor, and self-described germaphobe, Howie Mandel. The consumer campaign featured the “Howie Clean It” video miniseries through paid social media, publisher partnerships, and influencers. Since the launch, results have been impressive:

  • 430+ million impressions across earned media
  • 73+ million impressions plus 47 million video views via paid media
  • 8+ million views of the “Howie Clean It” video miniseries on YouTube
  • Thousands of visits daily to the rethinkclean.org website.

At the end of 2022, we shifted to a B2B focus that will continue through June of 2023. This B2B focus is for our members and provides the materials and tools needed to share the message with your customers, staff, and partners. Our industry benefits from strength in numbers, and as the world contends with health risks from influenza, RSV, and continued COVID-19 concerns, it’s imperative that we articulate how cleaning for health is essential to protect the public—together. Members can access to the Rethink Clean Member Toolkit by logging into their myISSA account. If you need assistance accessing your account, please contact our customer service team at 800-225-4772.

Read the full ISSA Year in Review for a look back at how our various ISSA groups and departments successfully worked together to help change the way the world views cleaning.