SAN DIEGO, CA — The Textile Pro Program, an advanced training program for oriental rug and fine fabric care developed by Lisa Wagner and Jim Pemberton, has begun accepting applications for the next team of 20 companies to permitted to pursue the online and hands-on curriculum.

“There has been a growing deficit in fine fabric and rug care specialists. We developed this program to help fulfill that need by consumers for more textile experts,” Pemberton explained.

The 20 companies will be selected for training that encompasses technical, operational, business growth, and marketing expertise. Graduates of the program are listed on Wagner and Pemberton’s special, consumer referral website at The Textile Pro Program is a combination of online and in-person training on rugs and fine fabric. It is the first certification program in the industry to require actually cleaning items to pass, as opposed to just memorizing answers for a multiple-choice test.

Wagner explained their philosophy is that sometimes the best paper test takers are not the best cleaners, and that their focus with this program is that participants truly understand the craft and can show their skills in action rather than short-term memorization for a test.

“We only work with twenty companies at a time, and they are selected from a group of applicants that have a wide range of experience, some starting up and others with decades in the business,” Wagner said. “We choose based on their location and, most importantly, their attitude on wanting to be the best at their craft. We have compiled a fantastic network of skilled, enthusiastic, and caring textile specialists to refer consumers to.”

Pemberton added that the goal of the program is not simply to teach technical insight, but also to help every graduate to grow a strong business in the process.

The network has generated referrals through the Wagner’s efforts in articles and interviews published in the New York Times, HGTV magazine, Real Simple magazine, Family Circle magazine,, and The Sweet Home.

For more information about the Textile Pro Program and to request an application, send an email request to Lisa Wagner at