How many times have you heard this from a prospect or homeowner? “I asked him/her a question and they went into this long story of how it was made and how the item is an industry leader and I never did have my question (concern) answered.” 

This customer did not believe the sales person because they lacked the basic knowledge to answer simple questions.iStock/chatchaisurakram

You want all your prospects to be “customers for life” and to do this the next step is getting them to believe in you.

How? Homework, homework, homework. You must know your product, trust your product, believe in your product and know how it will help the prospect with what they need

You are the professional. You must have the product knowledge at the ready when they ask you a question. You must be truthful and honest what your product can do as well as what it cannot do. You have to answer the prospects question with a concise, professional, detailed answer, but do not oversell and over talk. Remember the above example. You can talk your way out the door when they are alerted to “sales speak.”

As you progress past the “like” stage and are asking the prospect detailed questions and they ask you about your product and you answer them with a detailed precise answer, they will begin to believe in you as a professional. Do not be afraid to inform them you do not know the answer, but will get back to them.

However, I caution you that in most cases you only get one "mulligan" and then you begin to not be believed. Take the time to demonstrate, get the prospect involved and actively participating in the sales process. Do yourself and your prospect a favor and make them part of the process. The more involved the prospect gets the more they will believe in your product, but more importantly in you!

You need to spend hours learning your product and learning about your prospect. The more answers you have to the concerns they have the faster they will believe.

You cannot get to trust if the prospect never believes!

Brett Bemis has more than 20 years of outside sales experience and is currently the general sales manager for Stanley Steemer in St. Louis.  He supervises and conducts sales training for the St. Louis, Mid Missouri, Lake Ozark, MO, and Key West, FL. Stanley Steemer locations, as well as manages the restoration and insurance relationships in these locals. Bemis  can be reached at