Selling to make a living isn't easy.

The time that I spent as a cold-call salesman involved the highest highs I had ever felt at a job and the lowest lows. On the worst days, it felt like the doors on my car were welded shut.

SalespersonThe restoration salespeople that I consult with on a regular basis know this situation all too well because it's the same thing they experience when they're out making calls and not getting the results they're after.

The occasional sales miracle can happen when you're in the right place at the right time. You might be in an adjuster's office just as that adjuster discovers that their usual go-to contractor just screwed up an important job, or you could be talking to a plumber just as their phone rings with news of a flooded basement. These moments do occur, but any salesperson that relies on these moments won't be in the business for very long.

Restoration salespeople need a way to consistently build mutually beneficial relationships with the targets that are in the best position to hire, refer or work with their company. It isn't enough for restoration salespeople to be "busy". You can put in consistent long days of work, but until targets are actually calling you to refer work, sales efforts cannot be considered successful.

Successful selling is about efficiency. When you have a sales process in place, your energy is better allocated to where it needs to be, not only by what you're saying, but also who you're saying it to. A sales process allows you to minimize your time with the bad prospects and maximize your time with the good ones.Sales Road Sign

Having a sales process not only helps you make better use of your time, it also gives you an overall guideline. When you have solid scripting, it's like having a GPS for selling. You always know where you are in the process and what the next step is!

Though there are some exceptions to the rule, salespeople in our industry are not "superstars". That's the beauty of having a sales process in place. When a process is in place, you don't need to be a "natural" or "superstar" salesperson as long as you're putting in the time and effort!

Becoming a great salesperson in our industry is not an overnight transformation. There will be "crash and burn" moments, especially when learning and implementing a selling system. That being said, restoration salespeople that are willing to learn and implement a proven selling model and consistently put in a hard day's work will be able to really drive growth for their employers and at the same time start earning at the level of top sales performers in any field!

Tim Miller is the president of Business Development Associates, Inc., a marketing consulting firm that works exclusively in the cleaning and restoration industry. He can be reached at or (773) 777-9956.