Marketing your business on social media is time consuming, yes, but it also can be very financially rewarding for those who do it right.

Many small business owner often overlook an important aspect of social media marketing — building a social personality. Customers want to feel like they can interact with your business on social media, not just read regularly scheduled posts.

In a recent article, contributor Mike Templeman offers up four ways to boost your company’s social media presence. He says, “Through [social media] interaction, you’ll be able to build relationships with your customers and increase their opinion of your business substantially.”

Templeman’s tips are as follows:

One: Look for opportunities for discussion.

Get conversations going on your social media channels. Ask customers questions about carpet cleaning practices, etc. But don’t forget to respond!

Two: Set up chat times.

Schedule promoted social media chat times in which you answer customer questions, providing them tips and recommendations.

Three: Look at the content that drives interaction.

Monitor what types of posts get the most customer interaction and on which social media channel. This way you can put more effort into this vein, rather than too much effort into topics/channels that don’t get much attention.

Four: Tie in blog posts.

Write how-to and other helpful posts on your website, and link to them from your social media pages. This not only gets interaction from customers on your social media sites, but also drives traffic to your