Cleanfax caught up with Dan York of Water Damage Marketing during The Experience Convention and Trade Show 2017 in Las Vegas, and asked that common question every company (that’s looking to increase their website traffic referral results through SEO) asks: How long does it take to start seeing results from SEO. See the full video on an SEO improvement time frame below.

“It’s like any marketing program that anyone’s done…it takes time to get something going,” York says. “The fast answer to this is three to six months…that’s very typical.”

Everything on the website itself must be optimized as well as out on the web, York explains, and most websites need some damage control due to previous attempts at SEO that caused long-term problems. All this must be accounted for to develop an SEO improvement time frame

“The thing that people really need to watch for is anybody that promises outside of that — anybody that says: ‘I’m going to get you up there in two to three days. They actually might pull it off in two to three days, but what they’re actually going to do is long-term damage that we have to fix later,” says York.

“The thing you’ve got to ask yourself is do you want the quick result that’s going to show up in two days, three days, two weeks, three weeks, or do you want to dominate for years.” Hopefully our readers know the smart answer to that question.

Dan York is the founder and CEO of Stellar-eMarketing and is a seasoned entrepreneur, internet marketing expert, and administrative and marketing consultant as well as a veteran public speaker. More information is found on York’s websites: and

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