The “five-around” concept has been around for a long time. But how many of us actually use it today?

For those new in business, the “five-around” means you will leave information about your company with five surrounding neighbors after you have cleaned a home.

Specifically, the information should say: “We just cleaned your neighbor’s carpet, over at house # ____.” Be sure to write in which house you cleaned.

This is important, as it shows your prospect that you want them to ask their neighbor about your company and if they were pleased with your services. It represents a show of confidence in your services. Just leaving business cards at neighbor’s homes is not doing the five-around properly. It says nothing, and is taken as a nuisance.

A proper form of advertising your business would be to use a true door hanger. Full color, professional marketing materials are respected. A flyer is OK, but you want to avoid a placement of your piece that falls to the ground when the door is opened. You have now annoyed them before your offer is read.

The five-around is valuable because, if the prospect needs your services, and is not pleased with the company they have used in the past, you have a very good shot at new business.

And just do the math. Even if you only clean five homes per week, you will touch 25 new prospects. Annually that is 1,300 opportunities for a neighbor of your existing client to find out about your company. It takes about two minutes to do, before you drive off the block. This is a powerful way to grow and market your company, at a very small cost.

Now ask yourself, “If I invest in a nice door hanger, and give it out to 1,300 homes, will I pick up a few new clients?”

Based on my experience, “just a few” is an understatement.

There is also the possibility that one new client will turn out to be one of those much desired referral machines. You know what I’m talking about… the client who refers you to her sister-in-law, her Mom… and her work associates.

Now you’re on the path to taking one client and turning her into many.

Michael Amore is director of sales and marketing for, an on-line print ordering website serving the needs of small businesses nationwide. offers a wide variety of full color printing choices that meets even the smallest printing budget. He has worked in the printing industry for 29 years. He also operated a successful carpet cleaning business for seven years. He can be reached via e-mail at