Where does your expertise come from? 

When you speak with adjusters or agents about why your services are superior, you’ll probably cover how you’ve been tested, either by experience or for the purposeiStock/Mervana of certification. 

I met a senior-level adjuster who has actually taken certification courses through the IICRC to become familiar with the science of remediation and to be conversant with contractors he encounters on fire, water and mold claims. 

The standards established by the IICRC and other certifying groups must be promoted to the insurance claims industry to facilitate competent remediation, cooperation and, ultimately, impact profits. 

Qualified competent contractors are, all too often, colliding with ignorant adjusters as to remediation steps and it is causing frustration. 

If you are a certified vendor in any field, you need to promote the certifying bodies that set the standards you live by and adjusters need to know and understand what true certified expertise is.

Independent adjuster Peter Crosa conducts workshops and seminars on the topic of marketing restoration services to the insurance claims industry. He is the author of the 2014 Restoration & Mitigation Contractors Guide to Insurance Repair Marketing. Follow him on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/AdjusterMarket, visit his website at www.SSHCA.netor e-mail him at Peter@SSHCA.net to ask a question.