By Dan York

Does it exist? The magic bullet for water damage company owners to get more phone calls?

Every year, new water damage companies and young, new water damage company owners emerge and try to discover that magic bullet to get more phone calls. The one thing they could do to get a leg up on the competition. I see them asking this question weekly in the water damage online forums and when I talk to them at trade shows.

The issue is: There is no magic bullet. There never was, and there never will be. Not in this business — or any other for that matter.

New water damage company owners will soon learn what the older, more experienced owners know: You have to build a business the old-fashioned way. You have to develop relationships, find and stabilize different types of marketing and advertising lines, change with the times and  technology (so you don’t get pigeonholed into old, unworkable advertising sources — like phonebooks), and, of course, do good by your customers.

I always tell the newer business owners to get that “get-rich-quick” garbage out of their heads as fast as possible because it clouds what they really need to do.

Mentally get ready for the long hauls, the relationship building, the one-by-one customer building that needs to inevitably happen.

What experienced water damage company owners know

Young guys often ask the experienced guys out there what they do that really gets new business?

If they give you an answer (Why should they train their future competition?), you’ll find they use many different sources of generating new business: SEO; pay-per-click; some still do phonebooks, networking and building relationships with insurance companies adjusters; networking with plumbing houses; paying lead-generation companies; and other business-development activities. Some even buy into franchises just to get the business that comes from being part of a big franchise group.

Ultimately, new water damage company owners must mentally get ready for the long hauls, the relationship building, the one-by-one customer building that needs to inevitably happen. Don’t shortcut it. We’re one of the oldest water damage marketing companies out here; believe me, we’ve seen what happens to the guys that shortcut this process. They don’t last long.

Dan York is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Stellar-eMarketing and is a seasoned entrepreneur, Internet marketing expert and administrative and marketing consultant, as well as a veteran public speaker. More information is found on York’s websites: and