NORTHBROOK, IL — On March, 13, 2018, Cleanfax hosted a special business-building webinar, “How to Land Better Clients,” with cleaning and restoration experts Steve Marsh and Tim Miller as panelists. The webinar looks at ways industry companies, both large and small, could take aim and bring in the clients they wanted — and more of them. Watch the the webcast by clicking on the video player above.

In the video, Marsh focuses more so on the carpet cleaning side of the industry. He explains the two types of customers (those who want basic services for less money and professionalism versus those who want higher-quality service and are willing to pay for it) and how to attract each, as well as what turns each away. Marsh provides examples of what makes a good website and what prospective customers respond to when looking for a service provider.

Miller focuses more so on the restoration side of the industry. He looks at targeting new and different prospects and charting a plan for bringing in new business. Miller explains how to gauge a company’s health as well as how to improve ROI on your marketing.

You’ll also hear the panelists addressing audience questions throughout the program.

Steve Marsh and Tim Miller each contribute to Cleanfax regularly. Below are links to recent articles by each.