In the restoration industry, it’s important for your website to have a high Google ranking.

Most people choose not to click the “next” button at the bottom of the page, so if you are not first, you are last.

But getting a high Google ranking and going to the top of the search results isn’t easy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes a lot of work, and most people are doing it wrong.

There’s good news though: There are a few quick SEO fixes you can utilize in order to get more flood jobs online.

Here are four of them:

Google-ranking#1 | Name your images with SEO in mind

You probably don’t give a second thought to what you name your images. Like most people, you probably save your images from an online source, which often results in names like “Craig’s Christmas Pix” or something similar.

What you probably didn’t know is that what you name your images is actually very important for SEO and Google ranking.

Name your images with the following formula:


Use dashes between words instead of underscores because dashes are easier for Google to crawl. Make all the content on your website (even the content behind the scenes) as easy for Google to read as possible.

Readability determines how popular your content is and how high your website will rank on Google.

What’s more: You should be including descriptions for your images when you upload them. This is really easy to do in WordPress. In the description, simply describe the image. In the alt description, you can be a little more creative

You can use this area to bring customers to your website. It doesn’t have to sound pretty; just add a quick sentence with a few major keywords.

#2 | Implement city-specific pages

In the restoration industry, you know that you can only service a certain area. If your business is set up in Dallas, Texas, it’s not exactly practical for people in Orlando, Florida, to find your website when they search for something like “water damage restoration.”

Google-rankingYou want people who are located near you to find your business. The easiest way to make that happen is to implement city-specific service pages on your website.

Here’s the kicker though: You need totally unique content on each city-specific page. You can’t just copy and paste everything over from your services page and just add “Allen, Texas” to the headline.

Here are some tips on how you can create unique city-specific pages so people can find your website when they Google your services:

  • Interview the staff about their favorite places in the different towns you service
  • Include case study narratives of specific jobs you’ve completed in those areas
  • Include an “about the city” section
  • Change up the way you say you describe your services

#3 | Write unique meta-title tags for every page

This is more behind the scenes .

Your title tag is what displays on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It’s the link that tells people what your page is about on Google – and ultimately, what gets people to click and go to your website through a high Google ranking.

You can’t just create a page or a blog post and then expect everything to be perfect.


It’s up to you to write a killer title tag that gets people to click on your link and go to your website.

Title tags are between 50 and 60 characters long. There’s a range because certain letters are worth different character limits. For example, “i” is worth about 0.5 characters while “w” is worth 1.5 characters.

Your full title tag should be displayed, avoiding the dreaded ellipses if titles are too long, if you write something around 55 characters. Or just stick with 50 characters to play it extra safe.

Make sure to use the main keywords in your title tags. For example, if you’re writing a service page about Wet Carpet Drying, you want your title tag to include that term .

#4 | Attach your site to Google’s search console

Don’t worry: Your site will have a high Google ranking if you don’t attach your site to the search console. You didn’t miss a huge step in the web development process.

But you are missing out on a huge opportunity for how high you rank by not attaching your site.

Google Search Console gives you a code that you can use on your website and allows Google to provide you with internal analytics – stats and suggestions for improvement that exceed those of Google Analytics.

Benefits of using Google Search Console:

  • It gives you data that Analytics can’t give you
  • It can tell you about coding errors it finds on your site
  • It helps people navigate your site more easily
  • It gives you a detailed report of your search traffic

Basically, it will help improve your Google ranking. It’s like having a personal Google consultant who actually cares about how well your business is performing.


Amanda Woodard is an account manager at LeadAmigo, a lead generation company dedicated to getting restoration companies online water damage leads. Woodard can be reached via email at or by phone at (888)907-0299.