Enthusiasm is an important element to success in any profession, but it’s especially crucial in sales.

Not “rah-rah”, phony enthusiasm, but unmistakably genuine enthusiasm that communicates to your prospects that there’s a reason they should be having a conversation with you. This kind of enthusiasm stems from not only self-confidence, but a level of energy you bring every day that screams out, “I’m not just another rep from another restoration company making the rounds!”

How do your prospects perceive you? When you walk into an agent’s office, for example, are you seen as a professional or an “oxygen thief”? On first impression, it’s probably going to be the latter. They are pestered by people like you all the time and often the message is no more complex than, “Hi, do you have any work for our company? No? OK, see you in a couple weeks!”

Because of this, you are put at an immediate disadvantage because you’ve got a strike or two against you before you even walk in and open your mouth. But, if you really have something of value to deliver and communicate this convincingly, it’s going to set you worlds apart from your competitors! 

What are you doing when you visit prospects? What’s your purpose? Do you have something they need or can’t continue doing business without? Can you help them in some way? Can you provide a solution to a problem that has been gnawing away at them and their bottom line?

Do they see you as a just another salesperson or a consultant?
To consult successfully, you have to be not only genuinely enthusiastic, but curious. You have to really care about the answers you’re getting from your prospects when you ask them important (and sometimes difficult to ask) questions. And you have to have the self-control to keep asking the hard questions, instead of giving in to you urge to tell them how great your company is!

Unwavering belief in your company and solutions are also a completely necessary piece of the enthusiasm puzzle. It’s knowing that you likely have ways to help your prospects and clients solve problems that they can’t address themselves (and that’s not just the problem of needing emergency restoration services for themselves or their customers)!

If you think of yourself as a representative of just another restoration company, that’s how you’re going to be perceived. You have to approach each selling situation with the mindset that you’re there to make a positive difference, you have ways to help, and your primary role is to discover whether or not your prospect needs what you’re offering to improve their current situation. 

Your targets will know whether or not your enthusiasm is real or fake. That will be evident from your energy level, but also your approach. Are you there to beg for business, or are you there to offer them something they’d be foolish to turn down because you’ve made the advantages of choosing your restoration company over anyone else too clear to ignore?

Tim Miller, a sales and marketing expert for the restoration industry, is president and CEO of Business Development Associates, Inc. With 30 years of experience, he offers a unique perspective to help businesses solve their challenges and grow to the next level. He is a published author in several trade magazines and speaks at multiple industry events and conferences throughout the year, where he leverages his business experience in both the restoration industry and his other entrepreneurial ventures, including his construction company in New Mexico. You can reach him at (777)773-9956 or tim@gobda.com. Visit www.theBDAway.com for more information.