Did you know that more than 50 percent of local Internet searches in 2012 were done on a mobile phone? 

That was only a couple of years ago.

Since then, cell phone usage has gone off the hook. The more user friendly a restoration or cleaning business website looks on a smartphone, the faster they iStock/incomibleget the leads. A mobile website is made specifically to look great, offer ease of use and create the best interactive experience for a mobile phone browser searching for your services. 

In this day and age, the faster and easier your prospects can navigate your website, the better.  More importantly, how a website looks and functions in this arena is the #1 determiner of whether or not a job will be gained or lost.

Here are six reasons why your website must be mobile optimized:

1)  Ease of website navigation: The simplicity of the website menus make it an enjoyable experience for mobile phone visitors.

2)  Quick-click action capabilities: Offering “tap-to-call” feature offers convenience and support during emergency situations since a prospect can call you with click of just one button.

3)  Eye catching displays: How a website looks makes a big difference in how a person perceives your business and whether or not they will stay to browse or take action on your website.

4)  It Improves Google search rankings: Google likes websites that have a separate HTML website that serves mobile phone users. Those that do will most likely rank higher in Google mobile searches

5)  Faster loading speeds: Normal websites that have not been optimized for mobile usage will take a long time to load or may not even load at all on a cell phone. This can lead to abandonment of the website in search of a site that loads faster.

6)  Gives you an edge: As stated before, ease of use is a big determinant on whether or not a mobile phone user will stay and take action on a website.

Here’s an example…

…of why having a mobile website is so important: 

Joe Smith has just come home from vacation to a flooded basement. He needs someone to come do an emergency cleanup ASAP. What he wants is a quick, no-nonsense way to find a water damage restoration company now. With his cell phone in hand, he begins his search. If he goes to a local business site and he cannot find a quick emergency tap-to-call tab within seconds, he is more likely to go to another page that has the instant access he is looking for.

Facts and figures

  • 89 percent INCREASE in mobile data usage from 2010 to 2011.
  • 77 percent of mobile searches occur at home or at work.
  • On average, EACH mobile search triggers nearly TWO FOLLOW-UP ACTIONS.
  • 55 percent of CONVERSIONS (store visit, PHONE CALL or purchase) happen within ONE HOUR.
  • 81 percent of mobile searches are driven by SPEED and Convenience.
  • 45 percent of ALL mobile searches are GOAL ORIENTED and conducted to help MAKE A DECISION.
  • 81 percent of CONVERSIONS (store visit, PHONE CALL or purchase) triggered by mobile search occur within 5 HOURS.
  • MOBILE COUPONS receive 10 TIMES HIGHER redemption rates than print coupons.

(Source: The Nielsen Company, 2013)

Plain and simple

Mobile websites provide a mobile phone user a fast, easy, and pleasant experience when they are looking for what they need. Restoration and cleaning companies that do not have a mobile website may be giving their sales away to the competition that does.

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