As a kid I loved the thrill, the sweaty palms, the adrenaline rush of riding roller coasters, and later, as a parent, I enjoyed riding them with my children. It’s fun for a few moments, and then once off comes the humdrum experience of finding the next ride and waiting in a dull line to experience the next thrill.

That’s exactly how marketing works in many, if not most businesses. The anticipation and sweaty palms come as the marketing event is about to launch (much like the roller coaster being pulled slowly up the first, big hill) and then the adrenaline rush follows as it accelerates and plunges down. 

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But when the ride is over, before the next marketing event is invented and launched, it is much like standing in line, inching forward, for the next ride. That might work just fine at an amusement park, but when it comes to managing a business, the start – stop – wait – repeat type of marketing non-plan causes cash flow disruption, production disruption and other disruptions, as the sales chart starts looking like a graph of a roller coaster ride.

A far better business approach is to be more disciplined in planning and implementing the company’s marketing. Start your marketing event planning with seasonal issues like peak holidays, trade show dates and normal lulls in your industry’s calendar, and determine times for planning, experimentation and testing, implementation and launch for each event. Then fill in the plan with other marketing events that will create more demand in non-peak times throughout the year.

Suddenly you are on the way to smoothing out the workload peaks and valleys of planning. Your approach will be more disciplined. Projects will become orderly instead of done in a slap-dash panic. You will develop solid goals to achieve, a tracking system to discover effectiveness and a decision-making process to evaluate whether to repeat, modify or eliminate marketing events.

The result will be a continual improvement in your marketing results. Additionally the workload will feel more like a pleasant merry-go-ride than a terrifying roller coaster. 

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