What is the most encouraging incident that’s come about as a result of your marketing the claims industry so far this year? 

If you sell services to claims adjusters, you need to think about this. When I ask that question of marketing professionals who attend my seminars, many struggle to find a clear defining incident. 

They are so focused on “closing sales” that they miss some formidable milestones that happen on the way to building lasting relationships with adjusters. Relationships with adjusters are the key. Relationships make rain. 

“I’ve joined a committee at my local claims association that will allow me to bond with several adjusters in my market.” “I’ve scheduled an in-service training event.” 

These are solid acknowledgements that you are moving in the right direction towards your goal of becoming a resource for claims adjusters rather than just another sales rep. 

Adjusters are always looking for service providers or vendors they can trust. They are already on-guard at the possibility of getting taken advantage of by a policyholder, a claimant, a vendor for the opposing party or an attorney. 

In building your relationships with adjusters, always approach any interaction from the position that you are trustworthy. To an adjuster this means that they can rely on you to inform them of anyone trying to exaggerate a claim; that you will not allow any insured or claimant you deal with to hide prior loss; that you understand you and the adjuster are a team to the extent you deliver what the policy promises; no more, no less.

Adjusters remember when a vendor “has their back.” Convey this in your discussions with adjusters and execute this commitment to team when given the chance to perform. If you’ve gained an adjuster’s trust, that’s big; really big. 

Independent adjuster Peter Crosa conducts workshops and seminars on the topic of marketing restoration services to the insurance claims industry. He is the author of the 2014 Restoration & Mitigation Contractors Guide to Insurance Repair Marketing. Follow him on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/AdjusterMarket, visit his website at www.SSHCA.net or e-mail him at Peter@SSHCA.net to ask a question.