While cleanliness is important throughout facilities, it’s important to remember that common areas of buildings act as a kind of face to the business and organization. That’s why keeping an extra eye on areas like waiting rooms, restrooms and break areas is important, and adding extra checks of these areas to daily cleaning schedules is a good idea.

Don’t let the nervous eater who left candy bar wrappers and crumbs all over the hospital waiting room table or the unattended five-year-old who pulled all the tissue onto the bathroom floor and into the hotel lobby be the reason your company’s business goes down. Performing inspections of these common areas more often can keep visitors happily coming back and your services in demand.

Keep in mind that we live in a society with cell phone cameras that are better than digital cameras were five years ago and instantly posting updates to multiple sites at once is common practice. Don’t give visitors the chance to report that your facility is #disgusting.

Making sure that the areas of a building that are seen most often look the best is marketing in its simplest form, but it’s something to remember as you design and adjust the cleaning plan in your facility.

It may seem like common sense, but paying special attention to common areas is key in business retention and your job security.

Amanda Hosey is assistant editor to Cleanfax. She can be reached at 205-408-3784 or ahosey@grandviewmedia.com.