Recently, I was handed a business card from a service provider. I was meeting him for the first time. 

This was someone who wanted to do business with insurance adjusters and since I am a practicing adjuster and we were looking at several hundred thousand Make sure your contact information is available.dollars worth of damage, it was an appropriate gesture on his part.   

The man was professional in his appearance and conduct. I would have no problem doing business with this man in the future. 

A few days later I needed to get in touch with him to answer a question about his estimate. I was working late into the evening so I wasn’t going to call him but, as I’ve done on several occasions, I decided to send him my inquiry by e-mail. 

E-mail is effective because it allows you to communicate within your time constraints and they can respond within their time constraints. No superfluous conversation takes place.  You get right to the point and they answer with only what you need. 

His business card had no e-mail address. 

Peter Crosa has been a licensed independent adjuster for more than 35 years, handling insurance claims throughout the United States and Latin America. Since 2000, he has traveled across the country conducting seminars and speeches on the topic of marketing restoration services to the insurance claims industry. He is author of the 2013/2014 Restoration Contractors Guide to Insurance Repair. Visit his website at or e-mail him at to ask a question.