Ever considered creating a mobile app or mobile-friendly website for your cleaning business? Here’s why you should.

Having a mobile app might not seem especially relevant to the cleaning sector, but mobile phone technology is becoming more and more central to everybody’s lives, and businesses in all sectors, large as well as small, need to keep up-to-date with the new developments in order to remain competitive.

While most companies today have moved into the digital age with at least minimal presence on the internet, many small businesses forget to upgrade their website to keep up with current developments in mobile phone and digital technology. This may come to cost them dearly in the future.

The benefits

All evidence points to mobile apps being the future of computing. A good mobile app is not only the most hi-tech promotional tool around, it will also enable your business to be at your customers’ fingertips, engaging with your customer base in real time and being able to offer the fastest, most efficient customer service and support possible. Furthermore, a good mobile app or mobile website can also offer vital information about your customer profiles.

People today, both young and old, spend far more time on their mobile telephones than they do on their PCs. Often, people will use their phone while they are doing something else — waiting for a commuter train, for example, or standing in line at the coffee shop. But user patterns have also changed. While they may ‘check in’ on their cell phones more frequently than on PCs, this is often for much shorter periods of time.

Getting closer to your customer base

The overall objective of a mobile app or mobile website should be to bring your business closer to your customers, ensuring not only that your existing customers remain loyal to you, but also that you can generate and retain new ones.

It should help transform that satisfied and engaged customer base into revenue for your business via interactive deals, helpful tips, coupon features and social sharing capabilities. Get creative and brainstorm as many innovative ideas as you like; you’ll be surprised how many of them are compatible with a user-friendly mobile app.

Good design is vital

The design of your app is thus extremely important to its success. The most popular apps are easy to navigate, and simple yet fun to use. A successful mobile app must be user-friendly as well as visually pleasing, boasting top-notch functionality: Do the buttons work as they should, for example, as well as the links? Does your mobile app make full use of the latest touch-screen technology?

The best and most popular mobile apps make use of something called User-Centered Design. Quite simply this means that design is carried out from the perspective of the user, rather than expecting them to adapt their behavior accordingly, and all studies done in this area have shown that it works.

Keep it simple

Having a mobile app is rather like standing in front of the judging panel on America’s Got Talent and having five seconds to impress an extremely picky audience. Blow it from the start, and you won’t get another chance.

Mobile phones and mobile devices not only have a much smaller screen size than a PC, but need to be operable while walking around or sitting on a train. A good mobile app uses tap technology to link pages, and needs to be intuitive, which means users can understand its functions and features in seconds, almost without having to think about them. Finally, it really needs to be extremely responsive — before your users lose patience and close the app altogether.

Leave it to the professionals

Nobody expects you to be able to do all of this alone, which is why it is strongly recommended that small business owners have their app or website created by skilled professionals, who can ensure no details have been omitted or neglected. A reputable company, such as Worry Free Labs, has years of experience in creating mobile apps and takes pride in keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations within a technology that is still in its infancy.

Don’t assume that just because your business has a website, that you are exploiting the internet’s potential to its fullest. The last few years have meant massive growth in mobile apps and mobile website technology, and any business with a competitive edge ought to be jumping at the chance to take advantage of the new digital opportunities.

Daniel Edwards is a freelance writer that specializes in business advice in the digital age.