By Jeff Cross

Last month, I discussed how, in Oregon, a new piece of legislation allows motorists to pump their own gas. Some aren’t happy about it. Some want an attendant to come out and do it for them.

It’s that same attitude — the “I don’t want to do it myself” attitude — that can spell new business for you. There is a select group of consumers out there who want it done for them. What is “it?” Could be mowing the grass, having groceries brought out to their vehicle instead of roaming the aisles themselves, shoveling the two feet of snow after a storm, and, of course, carpet cleaning and any of the services you might offer.

Are they lazy? In reality… probably not. But what they are would be a select group of consumers who have more money than time and will use their economic resources to the fullest to avoid doing it themselves. It’s a decision they make, one you are very happy to capitalize on. This group is going to use service companies no matter what — and will choose those they feel provide the best service, treat them right, and offer fair prices, commensurate with the services offered.

After all, most consumers with disposable money are still careful with spending. They don’t want to pay too much. Maybe that’s why they have more money?

Then there is another group. And I know, as I write this, not everyone will get on board with my thinking. It’s the do-it-yourself group, the ones who rent carpet cleaning machines and have a “go” at it themselves.

Here’s my question: Why do they do it? Is it because they aren’t lazy? Don’t have the money to pay you to clean two rooms and a hall of nylon carpet? Most of them may, indeed, fall into that category.

But some don’t. Some will hire you, if you can get them to look your way, to see what you can do that they can’t. When working on your website, doing your social media promotions, or any type of marketing, why not target that type of group and use your powers of influence and persuasion to have them try you out?

After all, if you do that, you just might convert them to laziness. It’s how you can tap into a fresh, although small, demographic.

Jeff Cross is the executive editor of Cleanfax. He can be reached via email at