The tricky part is not getting them to say yes

Add to that the challenge of getting them to admit to you that you offer what they need. 

Do not just offer your prospect a proposal and walk away. Offer that prospect a solution and how you and only you are the best person to solve the issue.

Make it about them, make it personal and remember pitch, tone, delivery, cadence and body language. Ask the prospect probing questions and look them in the eyes. Your job is one dimensional at first: Find out what they need and then you make it multi-dimensional. 

Here is a sales trick I use. 

On your next sales call when you are meeting that prospect for the first time, find out one or two items that they have an interest in and make note of it. If they are going out of town to Disney in June, write that in your calendar. The next time you see that prospect the first words better be, "How was that Disney trip?"  You will have done something 98 percent of the sales people calling on him or her failed to do: Showing an interest in them and not just their checkbook.  Make that personal connection. 

People buy from people they trust. I call it the four legs of a close. If the prospect likes you they will believe you, and if they believe you they will trust you and if they trust you they will buy from you. 

When you break either of these legs you lose the sale. It begins with "like" or that first impression and how you speak to them. 

Brett Bemis has more than  20 years of outside sales experience and is currently the general sales manager for Stanley Steemer in St. Louis.  He supervises and conducts sales training for the St. Louis, Mid Missouri, Lake Ozark, MO, and Key West, FL. Stanley Steemer locations, as well as manages the restoration and insurance relationships in these locals. Bemis  can be reached at