CINCINNATI —In honor of National Energy Action Month this October, the Greater Cincinnati Green Business Council (GCGBC) has released eight energy-saving strategies for the workplace that can start saving businesses money, according to a press release.

The tips for conserving energy include:

  1. Install, set up and properly use a programmable thermostat;
  2. Implement lighting changes;
  3. Turn off computers and unplug “vampire” loads at the end of the day;
  4. Form an employee energy/green team;
  5. Check interiors and exteriors for damage;
  6. Identify and replace underperforming equipment;
  7. Benchmark the energy performance of your building and pursue Energy Star certification;
  8. Join or start a local green business council.

“Organizations often overlook simple changes they can make to save money today and into the future,” said Melink’s general manager Jeremy Chapman. “But the benefits go beyond cost savings to include reducing the environmental impact of your business which can help increase employee engagement and customer loyalty.”

For the complete press release, please click here.