Life is all about change, and when you think you have something right… there’s always improvement to be made.

That happened recently with Cleanfax magazine. Well, for the website, anyway. We have undergone a complete website redesign, all to your benefit.

The “old” site worked just fine, to put your mind at rest. What we wanted to do was to create a newer, bolder, more innovative site that helps you to benefit from fresh content anytime you need it.

Cleanfax has always been known as the “how-to” magazine. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is our desire to continue to provide you with more information, more “how-to” articles and cutting edge tips on how to manage and market your business… and to provide you with product information as well. After all, without the absolute best tools, equipment and cleaning/restoration products you need, you won’t succeed in business. We can’t have that. We want you to succeed, so you will find all you need in the printed pages of Cleanfax magazine and on the all-new website.

Take action

As with anything worth having, you need to do something.

Don’t worry… it’s painless. All I’m asking is you log onto and click on the “Sign In” link on the upper right. You will be asked to use your current log-in information (e-mail and password) or to create a new profile. Either way, it should only take a moment or two or your time.

If you have any issues with your log-in information (I’m really going out on a limb here) send me a note at and we’ll figure it out.

What’s new?

It wouldn’t make sense to ask you to log onto if there wasn’t something new to entice you… so here are the details.

You will see bigger, better graphics and photographs, all designed to make your visit to the site more beneficial and enjoyable.

The selection of online articles is tremendous. While the print issue of Cleanfax has industry-leading editorial content, there is no limit to how much information can be online, ready for you to read and use. Whether news, feature articles or product information, you can expect something new every day. And don’t forget the ever-growing online library of videos in the Online Exclusive section of the site.

The search function has been enhanced so you can find a variety of articles and technical tips to help you run your business. You can now arrange your search results by date or relevancy. And there is an “Advanced Search” which enables you to use specific search terms, authors, dates and more. Plus, a “Browse by Topic” function puts an unlimited database of knowledge on your computer screen.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the Cleanfax Facebook page (, the LinkedIn page ( and, of course, Twitter ( Become part of these social groups and continue your cleaning and restoration education.

I’m out of space for this page, but that’s OK. There’s plenty more over at Come on over.