LATHAM, NY — Cleanfax is currently compiling horror stories from faithful supporters… that would be you.

What have you seen while on the job, cleaning carpet or furniture? Or how about that crazy water damage job? What disgusted you? What made you skip your lunch — or toss it?

Here’s an example of what we are looking for:

One memory I have is cleaning an apartment and doing a pretty good job but then recoiling in horror as a one-year-old child crawled into the room we were cleaning. Why the horror? The child had a mousetrap in his mouth with remnants of the mouse still attached! — Submitted by Jeff Cross.

This is not make-believe stuff. Horror happens. Send your true stories, no matter how gruesome, to Senior Editor Jeff Cross at If possible, include your “mugshot.”

Your true horror story may just become a famous tale in the carpet cleaning industry. Look out, Hollywood. Carpet cleaners have tales to tell.