LAS VEGAS — The Surfaces Floor Covering Show, is the annual event where manufacturer's, installers and related industries surfacesshow off what's new in carpet, stone, wood, vinyl and other types of commercial and residential flooring, started this week in Las Vegas.

I try to attend every year or two, as it helps me stay on top of trends and what we will be cleaning a couple of years down the road.

Before the Surfaces Show started, I sat in on a two-day symposium with about 50 other floor covering professionals from around the country and Canada.

Here’s a sampling of what we heard from Sandy Montero, publisher of Floor Covering Weekly, that will have an impact on how you find and reach customers in the future:

  • Gen X and Gen Y are changing the way everything is bought and sold, and it hasn’t impacted the flooring market much yet, but over next 10 years… [read more]
  • People are not reading the Sunday paper or using the Yellow Pages; now, it’s online, TV or referrals from friends. The younger generation communicates with each other about everything… [read more]
  • Next generations are going to be bigger than the Baby Boomer generation and these changes will be further amplified by… [read more]

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