ST. LOUIS, MO — Ending a multi-year patent battle broughtby Thermapure, U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer entered summary judgment of non-infringement in favor of RxHeat® and Cambridge Engineering.  With this legal determination, RxHeat’s Rx12 and Rx15 products may again be purchased and used by restoration contractors and pest control operators without concern of legal impediment.

Summary judgments are infrequently issued in patent infringement cases due to the complex legal and technical issues involved in patent litigation.  However, in this case, Judge Pallmeyer found no question in ruling that the RxHeat equipment does not infringe on Thermapure’s patents. 

“This is a significant win for the restoration industry, and the pest control industry, in a much larger war against nuisance lawsuits,” said Marc Braun, Executive Vice President for Cambridge Engineering and RxHeat, further noting that the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) collects donations for a legal fund that helps defend the industry from these types of potentially damaging suits. “Now clients can go back to enjoying the incredible advantages the RxHeat units bring.  Faster drying times, large loss capabilities, specialty drying applications, as well as the industry leading bed bug heat treatment technologies are all back at their disposal.” 

The RxHeat system enlists leading edge technology and US manufactured quality to create a portable heat unit that allows operators to control the heat and CFM output of the unit.  This creates a very flexible portable heat unit for restoration companies and PCOs, for efficient, safe drying of whole structures damaged by water losses, and for the elimination of bed bugs.

Using Cambridge Engineering’s patented technologies and controls, RxHeat products increase heat capacity and air velocity for more efficient heating in applications for structural drying, drying of carpets and furnishings, documents and other contents.  The units are safe, clean and environmentally friendly, with no odor or exposed flame.  RxHeat provides simple, automated energy modulation controls allowing for restoration contractors to take a “set it and forget it” operation in their remediation projects.

Pest control operators use high heat in treating bed bug infestations, killing all stages of bed bug life, including their eggs.  RxHeat provides PCOs with a safe, efficient and easy-to-use system for providing heat at levels high enough to effectively eliminate these harmful pests.  The unit utilizes burner and controls technology developed by the recognized world leader in heating equipment for over 50 years.

About RxHeat, LLC:

RxHeat provides prescriptive heating solutions for restoration contactors and PCOs.  They also write protocols, and design and deploy equipment, solutions, and training to these markets.

About Cambridge Engineering, Inc:

Established in 1963, affiliated company Cambridge Engineeringis the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient Blow-Thru® direct gas-fired space heaters that save energy, reduce operating costs and safely improve indoor air quality for commercial and industrial facilities.  More than one billion square feet of buildings are safely and efficiently heated with Cambridge space heaters.  Cambridge supports building owners and managers in North America with factory trained mechanical contractors, sales representatives, and service technicians.  For more information, visit cambridge-eng.comor call 800-899-1989.