WASHINTON — A review of 50-years of research, co-authored by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), found that high volume use of surfactants, a major detergent ingredient, have no adverse environmental impact on waterways and river sediments, according to a press release.

Surfactants are the key ingredient in in a wide range of personal care, detergent and cleaning products.

The article, entitled “Environmental Safety of the Use of Major Surfactant Classes in North America,” brings together over 250 published and unpublished studies of the four major, high-volume surfactant classes and relevant feedstocks.

“We looked at the surfactants’ physical and chemical properties, environmental fate properties such as biodegradation and sorption, monitoring studies through sewers, wastewater treatment plants and eventual release to the environment, aquatic and sediment toxicity, and bioaccumulation information,” said Kathleen Stanton, ACI Director of Technical & Regulatory Affairs and one of the paper’s co-authors. “To date, this paper is the most comprehensive report on these substances’ chemical structures, use, and volume information.”

The study is available here.

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