Like everyone else, I have received countless e-mails with long lists extolling nostalgic virtues from “the good old days.” 

Usually those lists remind us of youthful innocence and end with the belief that the world would be a better place if we could only return to that age of “pre-digital” naivety. But face it; change is going to happen no matter what. Each change modifies our personal and business lives for better or worse. 

My observation is that those (especially in a business environment) who resist our constantly changing environment often suffer; those who embrace it and work to judicially affect positive change are able to bring new, better products and services to their customers, manage their businesses more efficiently, fend off competition and lead their businesses to greater stability as they move into the future. 

Unless we are adept at reading tea leaves or deciphering the vision in a crystal ball, seeing the future is best done by being aware of the key factors that affect your business and then developing plans to become proactive if or when those key factors become modified in some way. 

If traffic patterns are important to you then seek to be aware of planned road construction and develop “what-if” strategies well in advance of changes in traffic patterns. If changing fashion or design is crucial then read everything you can get your hands on about how fashion or design will affect your industry and consider what happened to most purveyors of millinery and buggy whips. If our aging “baby boomer” population is a demographic that you work with, learn more about the changing tastes, needs, and lifestyles of this key portion of your business and plan on changing the products and services you offer to make your business more attractive to them as they age.

The future belongs to those who are in position to take advantage of the changes it will bring so position yourself, your business and your staff to embrace it rather than resist it and end up with a large inventory of buggy whips.

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