When I started my own small, fledgling company many years ago, I purchased a truckmount and started to clean carpet. And then added furniture cleaning. That’s all I did…

Sure, I took care of small water damage work for my regular customers. The situation where a little bit of water intrudes in the corner of a basement and you suck it up and put an airmover on it. I didn’t advertise water damage restoration back then because, to me as a new business owner and a very unexperienced technician, it was a scary add-on service.

No way. Others can do that stuff. I’ll clean carpet and furniture.

Then I discovered there were actual certification seminars that taught you how to do it right. So I took most of them. Like you, I enjoyed the technical aspect of the work yet quickly learned it was the business-building side that was most important.

Define your business

Times quickly change. While 20 years ago you could find true success as a “carpet cleaner” — well, those times have changed for most of us. Like many business owners, you have been forced to analyze what you do as an entrepreneur.

A question you might have asked yourself, even subliminally, is, “What else might my customers buy from me?”

If carpet cleaning is your primary interest, redefine it to “cleaning” and you find there are all kinds of other cleaning opportunities for you. Such as furniture, tile and grout, area rugs, wood floors, air ducts… the list goes on.

You can get really creative with cleaning services if you put your mind to it.

Is restoration your primary business activity? Odds are you probably don’t do just “water damage.” You also might tackle fire and smoke, mold, bio-hazard, maybe the up-and-coming crawlspace encapsulation services you read about in Cleanfax.

You can get really creative with restoration services if you put your mind to it.

For true business growth, you have to have redefining moments. Cleanfax had one of those several years ago. While we used to concentrate on carpet cleaning and related ancillary services as a media brand, we had a redefining moment. Business owners like yourself offer more to your customers, so we had to offer more to you… so that’s why you see a fair mix of coverage of both cleaning and restoration.

Redefine what you do. It’s smart business.