Cleanfax met up with Ryan Richie of RadonAway during The Experience Convention and Trade Show 2017 in Las Vegas. Executive Editor Jeff Cross ask Richie what a booth for a radon testing and training company was doing in the middle of a cleaning and restoration trade show.

“We’re trying to help the restoration industry diversify into radon market,” Richie explains in the video. “Radon is known problem. It’s the number one indoor environmental issue. It kills 25,000 people a year. So it’s one of those issues that your current customer base needs to know about, and would look to you to be the of those solutions.”

Richie points to this high rate of incidence and the value it brings not only to your business, but also to the customers whose lives a restoration company might literally save.

He adds, “When you’re there doing all the other cleanup, you can offer a radon test. It’s peace of mind for the consumer. It’s added value for you that you’re doing an extra step for them. And if it does come back that they do have high levels of radon, of course, you’d be the go-to people to do the restoration work.”

Ryan Richie is director of sales for RadonAway, a company that offers training, products, and equipment for radon testing and remediation. Visit for more info.