JEFFERSON, MO —Disaster Brigade, U.S.A., a new initiative recently launched to train and offer opportunities to military veterans who want to become self-employed through disaster restoration and preparedness services, expects to hire 15 to 20 employees within the first year, according to a press brigade, usa logo

Disaster Brigade, U.S.A. accepts all veterans, able-bodied and disabled alike, and much of the training cost may be financed through the GI Bill program or financial assistance.

The organization is headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri at Disaster Brigade’s cofounder, Ivan Turner, founder and former president of AERODRY.

Other organization cofounders include international celebrity and speaker, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, well-known for the movie of his story as a Notre Dame football player, and Mark Ehrlich, a John Maxwell certified coach, teacher and speaker. All three cofounders are naval veterans.

The organization also plans to contribute $250 of every deductible collected from insurance related projects to  and

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