Prochem has been in the chemical and truckmount manufacturing business since 1968 and has always led the way in innovation and quality. Setting the standard for the industry is what Prochem has become known for over the years, and that continues to be the direction the company is headed in the future.

Prochem truly is No. 1 for a reason. The claim isn't something that was made up by a marketing team, it's a statement based upon fact. The results come from an unaided, independent study conducted by an independent, outside market research firm. The reason Prochem is No. 1 can be summed up in three topics: Innovation, quality and support.


Prochem created the foundation for truckmount design with the Catalytic heat capture design developed in 1984. Today, a similar design is used by nearly all manufacturers. Prochem has moved on. Based upon feedback from carpet cleaning and restoration professionals, Prochem designed a new heat-exchange system that has revolutionized the industry. Producing the same Prochem performance in a simple, easy-to-service-and-maintain package means that more time is spent making profits.

The Crew Chief is an advanced power management system that optimizes job site drying conditions. Should job conditions of 85% relative humidity occur while drying, the Crew Chief will temporarily power down the air movers, allowing the dehumidifiers to lower the excess humidity, eliminating the threat of condensation. Once relative humidity drops below 85% the Crew Chief will then power up the air movers and resume drying. This is an amazing piece of equipment that you have to see to understand all that it can do for you.

The Triad is the first air mover in the industry to utilize "Thrust Fan" technology. Using this technology, the Triad offers the most critical elements for best evaporation results, high static pressure, high airflow volume and high velocity. Also, no longer do you need to compromise evaporation rates due to power limitations.


Prochem truckmounts have the highest resale value in the industry. Having a reputation for high heat, superior vacuum, and reliability make Prochem truckmounts the most sought after pre-owned units in the marketplace. Why? Because they last — for years. Prochem chemicals are the gold standard of the industry. Carpet manufacturers such as Shaw use Prochem chemicals as their benchmark to test the effectiveness of competitive products. Why? Because they get the job done. Prochem has beenutilizing the Carpet and Rug Institute's (CRI) Seal of Approval to assist in showing the quality and performance of its equipment and chemicals. All of Prochem's truckmounts and chemicals that have been tested have met the Gold Standard requirements set forth by CRI.


Prochem has the best dealer network in the industry. Providing the dealer network with the highest quality products, warranty and training programs in the industry means that you can rely on the Prochem dealer network support your business.

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