Viking Equipment’s products have earned the reputation of being among the best in the industry. With a commitment to quality, innovative designs and excellent customer service, Viking continues to meet the need of restoration contractors with their existing product lines and new additions to the Viking brand.

Viking’s mission is to treat every customer as if they were our only customer, to provide the highest quality product at the best possible price, to stand behind that product, continuing to improve, innovate and introduce new products to help the restorer become more profitable in their business.

IAQ 7000 Air Scrubber

Viking has always delivered top quality products and they’ve done it again. This product means business.

Whether scrubbing air or evacuating as a negative air machine, the Viking IAQ 7000 is the most powerful, dependable, cost efficient air scrubber 2908172-image2.jpgin its class to date. Drawing a mere two amps, delivering over 700 CFM, this 3-stage true HEPA filtrations system is a powerhouse. Viking surveyed and listened to the wants and needs of independent contractors. With two models to choose from your needs are met again with Viking’s flexibility

Whether you want variable speeds, or a battleship hardened unit with a two speed rocker switch, either unit allows you to change filters without the use of any tools. They also made them with 4-wheel drive.

While costing less than the two top selling 500 CFM machines, it rents at “Xactimate” WTRNAFAN> leaving Viking’s famous return on investment unrivaled. This product is a must have. You have to see it to believe it.2908172-image4.jpg

2200 EX/GFCI

The 2200 EXtreme/GFCI is the ideal airmover for the restorer offering maximum airflow and optimum features, while consuming just 2.5 amps. This 2-speed with its onboard GFCI allows up to six on a single 15 amp circuit, making this a must have powerhouse. Maintains its three-position airflow, stacking capability, rugged roto-molded housing and famous two year limited warranty.


Viking’s ECO-CAM PRO low-amp centrifugal air mover draws a mere 1.6 amps while maintaining a powerful airflow of 3,000 FPM. The GFCI unit shown, allows eight units daisy chained on a single 15 amp circuit. This three-position, single-speed powerhouse boasts the most airflow drawing the fewest of amps of any centrifugal airmover on the market to date. If amp draw and airflow are a consideration in your next purchase the Viking ECO-CAM PRO is a must have.



The PDS-21 by Viking Equipment continues to be a must for restoration contractor. The PDS-21 is an innovative pressurized drying system for wall/cavity drying. The PDS-21 incorporates an airtight housing and a specially designed vacuum motor to pressurize and heat the air prior to discharging it through 21 outlets. The PDS-21 for big and small jobs alike makes drying easier and less frustrating than before. It is perfect for under sinks or behind cabinets and permanent furniture.


No more staples, tape or hog rings. The D-ring is the fastest and easiest way to 2908172-image1.jpgmake lay flat duct connections. Save time, money and manpower. The D-ring provides the greatest airflow of any method now in use. Ducts can be connected by one in just seconds.





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