Fear. It’s part of life. It’s part of being a consumer. When your clients need you, either for cleaning or restoration, these customer fears play a factor in their decision-making process.

It’s what they think about. What intimidates them. And this — how they feel — may not be your fault. But it’s real.
I know what you might be thinking, “Jeff, I’m just going to clean their carpet!” Or “Jeff, I’m just going to dry out their basement after the sump pump failed!” Nothing more, nothing less. Pretty simple, right? After all, you clean, you restore. But is that really what you do?


Your clients call you because they have a specific need. That need is cleaning or restoration. If they are a regular client, especially from a referral, you are way ahead of the game. You have already been qualified as one of the chosen. That’s a nice place to be. You have been vetted.

Your cleaning and restoration clients have fears. Recognize them and respond.

Remember one important fact: To most clients, all cleaners and restorers are the same. To most, you are a commodity, a service provider. What they don’t know is the excellent customer service you are proud of. That’s the key to success. Not what you do, but what you do. Notice the italics. The do is the experience you offer. Let’s face it. All of us can clean carpet and furniture and dry out basements or wet walls. It’s the way we treat our clients that really matters.

Just look at our Industry Leaders Review section in this issue of Cleanfax. You will see three fine examples of restoration companies that knew how to build their businesses. They knew they needed to go above and beyond the technical. They are successful because of the relationships they build with their clientele, making those clients feel they made the best choice, without fear, doubt, dread, suspicion, or worry. And this isn’t just token service. They really do care.

One thing that helped me when I built my cleaning and restoration company was thinking beyond what I did and concentrating on what they wanted.

Why do people clean their own carpet or try to dry out their own basement? Because they don’t know who to hire. They have fears, concerns. If your company is known as one that cares about its clientele, you will capture part of that market segment.

Try it out. Recognize and respond to the fears your clients may have.