The 1000 drop test seen toward the end of the video was designed to test the durability not only of the handle but of the entire technical scheme — housing, handle, roll cage, electrical box, inlet housing, etc. The handle is being stressed through repeated lifting of the airmover and dropping/bouncing it off the floor. After the 1,000 drops onto concrete, we ran the Velo in all positions and confirmed that it continues to run as new. We later repeated the drop test with over 5000 similar drops, but this time we focused entirely on the handle and attach points by repeatedly dropping the Velo but stopping it just before it hit the floor. The unit was also weighted to increase the load on the handle. We examined the handle for stretching and tearing and to see if any rivets pulled out from the housing. No handle failure was observed. No failures were observed during the testing of the handle and the unit ran well after the drop testing. An additional test (per UL specifications) was to drop a 2 in. lead sphere onto all injection molded surfaces and rotomolded surfaces from a height of 50 inches. Drop sites including the injection molded cord wrap flap. No damage was observed in any of the drop locations. The final test was to drop the unit from 6′ onto the concrete floor. After each test, the unit was switched on. It functioned flawlessly.